It is as much about outcomes as it is about discovery. Finding ourselves and not only solutions is the essence of Kintsugi Companions. To discover beauty in the very places we were broken is precious, like the gold, silver, copper or platinum that forms the substance of kintsugi. To be stronger in the places of our brokenness is priceless. We are enabled now to realise far more than we ever could, and also to potentially be a source of inspiration and companionship for others.

When working with clients, we adopt an integrative approach, where various therapeutic theories and approaches are offered to meet the unique needs of each individual. While we strive to meet unique and changing needs, our counselling approach is shaped by attachment and systems theories. This means that we seek to understand clients within their greater context in order to help gain insight into the specific problems that present in therapy. We believe in an integrated engagement in counselling and we focus on a collaborative partnership with our clients. In doing so, our approaches include Person-Centered, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioural and Solutions Focused.