Integrated Engagement

Hemingway’s words are stark in its reality but also provide hope in the aftermath – “The world breaks everyone, then some become strong at the broken places.” To go through life is to find ourselves broken in some way – relationally, vocationally, emotionally, mentally. To acknowledge that brokenness is to allow for a process that leads eventually to strength and beauty. Our human instinct is to hide our flaws, conceal our woundedness, ignore our brokenness, and deny our pain. We do so at great peril to ourselves and to those around us. The places in which we are broken can become the very places of strength and beauty. 

Counselling and Psychotherapy traditionally brings a person from a fractured past to a resolved present and for the most part, the process ends there. Whatever exciting possibilities this resolution might reveal for the future is left to the individual to discover. A blended and integrated approach in therapy is typically included with elements from Behaviour, Cognitive and Humanistic therapies and tailors treatment according to each client’s needs.

Coaching classically takes a person from the present to a preferred future. Whatever impact the past might have on the person, whatever baggage the person might be carrying into the future, is incidental to the process of moving into the future, and may actually hamper it.

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