Kintsugi Companions understands this dynamic and seeks to journey with the individual, as a companion, toward that desired future. Now that the fractured past has been mended, like the kintsugi pottery, the present characterised by dignity and freedom, the promise of a hope-filled future can be realised.

Why ‘companion’ and not counsellor or coach or therapist? The word ‘companion’ is comprised of two words, ‘com’ and ‘pan’. ‘Com’ is to be with, ‘pan’ is the French word for bread. Hence literally translated, a companion is one you share bread with. When we share bread, we share life. It is about journeying and helping a person navigate life. Kintsugi Companions is about being with someone and sharing life with him or her.

The companionship is about discovering those answers together in a way that the person might not be able to for himself or herself. When the answers are not evident, the journey together is in seeking. As much is learnt in the seeking as in the finding.

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Christine is the Founder of Kintsugi Companions and a certified Counsellor/Psychotherapist since 2013.  Her experience includes addiction, personality disorders, gender identity, depression, anxiety and relationships.  She believes that the healing of the fractured past for the most part lies within a person. She provides a blended and integrated approach in therapy with elements from Behaviour, Cognitive and Humanistic therapies and tailors treatment according to each client’s needs.

Christine’s qualification as a therapist includes a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling and a Masters in Counselling. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s in Psychology.


A former President and Chief Executive Officer of a global charitable organisation, Timothy now lives with the reality of experiencing the undeniable fact that true leadership is not only exercised with skillful hands but with integrity of heart. As he walks with his scars visible, he invites you to a journey of conversation and through that journey the discovery of renewed meaning, purpose, and passion. Concurrent with his appointment as President and CEO of Prison Fellowship International (1989-2014), an organisation encompassing 126 national affiliates, Timothy also served as a Priest in the Anglican Diocese. 

Timothy has coached Chief Executives and Senior Management across a broad spectrum of Corporate, Governmental, and Charitable organisations. For over a quarter of a century, Timothy has led, mentored and coached leaders from a multiplicity of vocations and positions in over a hundred countries. Residing in Singapore but with extensive cross-cultural engagement and experience, Timothy will help you navigate the challenging yet beautiful space between using what is within you to understand what is around you.

Timothy holds a Bachelor of Arts (Summa Cum Laude) from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Certified Lifeforming Growth Coach, Lifeforming Leadership Coaching (ACSTH Approved).

Therapy or coaching sessions are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please email us at